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10 Web Analytics Case Study Tribal Artifacts Sales

JSS -DM303 : Web Analytics-BL01M03-Day08-23Oct20

Scenario discussion

Aarushi Mahila Seva Kendra has approached you a Digital Marketing Consultant with a unique information that the products which they are making and selling are purchased by Customers who are urban and upmarket. However they do not have direct access to these market.

The products are purchased by middlemen and after heavy markup have been selling to Posh and upscale malls and décor makers sold to the final customer. the customers are typical successful professionals, nuclear family and owners/live in apartments. the products are Traditional and are very rare and exclusive which needs very good expertise by the Tribal Women. However, AMSK does not have the money power to reach out to these final customers. Government has helped by way of providing trade support but AMSK feel that marketing of their products need more aggressive.

You get a patron NGO who will fund your online efforts, only requirement from them is that their efforts should be highlighted in the media. What will be your Strategy/ comments as to how to make this successful in the online marketing. .

MBA Students Response :

  1. Facebook campaign, run ads on the AMSK and give social media presence.

  2. I would market in such a way that the product is done with the expertise of the tribal women to draw the attention. Also I will mention the MRP so that the middle man dont upmark and sell the product. Also will create an app in association with the NGO to promote the NGO as well as the product and the products will be delivered by the NGO.

  3. Take funds from NGO and come up with a website or place their products on already established websites like Amazon or flip kart and sell them directly to the customers. Here they can save the money given to the middlemen.

  4. First you have to build the website. then do PPC advertising. and Hire celebrities who are already famous in social media.

  5. I will put sponsor logos (patron NGO logo)with a link and short description of the NGO on the AMSK website.

  6. Create a sponsor graphic with all sponsor logos for AMSK website and for social media. And create social media campaigns to promote AMSK products more aggressively.

  7. As its urban, we need to more focus on regional language and also we need to create an ads that much understandable and also attractive.

  8. Also they need to more concentrate on there target audience and need to create ads accordingly 9. Create social media pages to sell directly to customers

  9. Be active online,

  10. Make a website. Use proper keywords to reach your target audience. Build E-mail list. Adopt new forums. Produce content. Start posting more on weekends so that all can access to your page.

  11. Show trusted certification to deliver credibility.

  12. Use all social media, do postings, podcasting, go live, do quiz, do survey ,ask about past experience on usage of product

  13. You can attract feminists more as the business is handled by women. Since there are many intermediaries in between supplier to customer it is necessary to keep intermediaries as minimal as possible. Replace those intermediaries with online marketing platforms. If possible start your own delivery system. This will considerably reduce the price of product as well as the reach of product will be increased.

  14. Use social media to advertisement

  15. Run ads on social media platforms

  16. I will look for an NGO who would fund a website for Arushi. Then I will go ahead and create a responsive website and will use all the social media channels to promote the mahila sangha and create an online platform to reach out to the end customers directly.

  17. To promote ngo’s media presence, I will use the tag line of ‘in partnership with’ or ‘sponsored by’ or ‘funded by’ or ‘proud sponsors of arushi’ in all my SM posts and advertisements.

  18. Use Facebook campaign and pop up ads to reach many people and borrow funds from the NGO, Conduct an event to say about your entry towards online platform. Publish press release

  19. Make connections on LinkedIn Tag the NGO on your posts We can make advertisement video so that it can reach more people, and we can make social media campaign writing very good blog.. giving hashtags.. It shows a significant shift and how we market sell and deliver products and services.. make an online campaign with the sponsorship ads with the best video that is suitable for both NGO and AMSK run an online campaign with the appropriate landing page with all the information necessary and also collect the email id of the website visitors to send the personalized msg later to target them to make sales]

Teachers note

  1. As a marketer, we need to have complete confidence in the product. the product is established and doing well in market. the niche market is available. the area of concern is the middlemen, which the AMSK thinks is making money more than the producers. did the AMSK confront with data to middlemen? when existing process is running, AMSK could have used innovative tweak in the sales. The middlemen are backbone of existing supply chain. They can negotiate and arrive at the best possible sharing.

  2. Creating an online haat, joining a online store are the next normal in the marketing field. the AMSK definitely need a brand, the brand promotion, positioning in the market and tweaking the sales process, students have given excellent thoughts on this which are really worth to implement including good use of the offices of NGOs.

  3. once a good brank logo in place, AMSK should expand its Brand awareness, Participation of online Fairs, use of affiliate marketing and online promotions/campaigns

Lakshminarasimman V Rao | Digital Marketing |DM 303 Web Analytics | Corporate Neeti Consulting | Mysuru

All data above is a combination of data from Internet, purpose of this doc is for research and education only and responses received from Class students and interaction.

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