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LG 11A Scenario Discussion Lead Generation

JSS -DM305 Lead Generation-BL01M03-Day09-04Nov20 TUE

Wednesday, 4 November, 2020 8.30 to 10.00 am DM305 Lead Generation

BL01M03 Module 3: Capturing leads from sources



BL01M03 Module 3: Capturing leads from sources

- Sources of Leads

- Ethics and Legal issues in sourcing of Leads

- Identifying correct lead sources

- Value Analysis of Leads

- CVP Analysis

- Deceptive marketing tactics

you are the digital marketing manager of South Indian Snacks. This festival season, you expect to sell goods worth 5 crores. You have two sources of emails to be tapped. One from the recently concluded Dussehra expo based on the emails collected in footfalls during purchases and the other one is pan India drawing competition held for students from age 4 to 14. the email ids of participants. The participants have agreed to share their email ids for promotion purpose. Which one will you choose and why?

1. I would obviously choose the list from Dussehra expo. Because 4 to 14 is not the target audience age group

2. Choose the email ids of group 4-14 years of age because, they are the primary consumers of our snacks company.

3. Due to pan India coverage, the email ids would include a larger demographic data compared to a smaller dasara expo"

4. Both the email ids cause both are potential customers and everyone eats snacks

5. I choose the people who purchased during Dasara because they are interested in the food items if we market to them they would be interested to purchase it

6. I will go with the emails collected through competition. Because food business can attract children more.

7. Pan India drawing competition

8. I will take both of it.

9. Because we cant differentiate the customer based on this.

10. Nobody knows when and where u can get good deals and Offers.

11. Because the people what we think he may not may have good connection."

12. I would choose from email ids collected from people in Dussehra expo. The number of people who came to Dussehra expo is more than the people who attended in painting competition. Also the range of age would be more than the painting competition.

13. Dussehra expo because we get lot of people

14. I would choose the emails of the students who participated in drawing competition as it was conducted pan india. The reach will definitely be more.

15. I would choose 4-14 age grouped students .Because not many people were able to come to Dasara expo it will be not that much effective if I choose the person who came for expo. So through social media we target students.

16. Dussehra expo could be the best option because it is better to target them rather than children cz they may check the mail or not

17. Pan India because it reaches more people

18. As a digital marketer I will choose both the option. But if I have to choose only one option I will choose recently concluded dasara expo participants because its a festival season and our product is snacks which is very much attracted by children and families. And also the participants of pan india drawing competition are children whose age is btw 4 to 14 years they may not have their own mail ids so I choose the mail ids of concluded dasara expo.

19. Pan India drawing competition held for students from age 4to14 . because students or the age group of 4to 14 are kids and they love snacks more than elders so they are the potential customers to us

20. I will choose Dussehra expo because it will reach more number of people

21. I will choose both emailed bez today children are extremely good and if they are having emailid, it means they are able to read msg and we can target them as well

22. I would like to choose the email ids of the participants because targeting the group of students would be the better idea as they love to eat more snacks when compared to other age group people.

23. I would choose Dussehra expo

24. Drawing computation held for students from age 4 to 14

25. I choose the participants because its pan India and can reach more number of customers and most of email id will be of the parents of there children and we can give some offers.

26. Dussera expo because in that there will be number of email id more and also there are of all age group

27. I will choose dussera expo based email id ...there we will be having more database compare to drawing competition.

28. I will choose festival dussera expo because to reach high target audience and giving such cashback offers to customer buying above 1500rs or any coupon code offers

29. Dussera expo. The main reason for this steep fall in business is because most of the customers chose to buy their products online and as a result, when they visit the Exhibition except for window shopping, they are hardly interested in making any purchases, say most of the shop-keepers expressing their concern. in the choosing this I'll choose drawing competition for students it's easy to collect email ids through filling the forms.

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All data above is a combination of data from Internet, purpose of this doc is for research and education only and responses received from Class students and interaction.

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