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LG12 Lead Generation Business reporting

JSS -DM305 Lead Generation-BL01M04-Day11-10Nov20 TUE


Module 5: Lead Generation Business reporting

1. Policy and Guidelines on Business reporting

2. Business reporting as tool for profitability

3. Format/components of Business reports

4. Business reports for Lead Generation

5. Types of Business reports / Stakeholders

6. Scenario - Preparation of Business report

7. Review Questions

A business report is an evaluation of a particular issue, set of circumstances, or financial operations that relate to the performance of a business. ... It is often written in response to an executive of the company, and often takes the form of a memo with the report attached.

What is the Purpose of a Business Report? A business report is an evaluation of a particular issue, set of circumstances, or financial operations that relate to the performance of a business. Its main purpose is to communicate relevant information succinctly and efficiently.

Executive Summary: This brief section sums up the most important points of your report. Introduction: Cover the basics of the report in this section, including the who, where, what, when, why and how of your topic. Data and Findings: In this main section of the report, cover the information you want to present.

  1. Who are the readers?

  2. What is the purpose of the report?

  3. Why is this report needed?

  4. What information should be included in the report?

  5. When it is to be given?

  6. What is the level of accuracy to last decimal required?

Why reporting is important for business?

Business reports collate a lot of data around your company which can provide useful information for management. Insights around spending, growth and profits will be included, which can be used to help create future projections, marketing plans and budgets.Develop vision and strategy on sustainability. Improves management systems, internal processes and set goals. Identify weaknesses and strengths, Attract employees and investors.

What are three parts of a business report?

Formal reports contain three major components. The front matter of a formal report includes a title page, cover letter, table of contents, table of illustrations, and an abstract or executive summary. The text of the report is its core and contains an introduction, discussion and recommendations, and conclusion

What are the two main categories of report?

Informal reports and formal reports have two major categories: informational and analytical reports. It's important to keep in mind that both informal and formal reports can fall into these categories (i.e., you can have an informal informational report or a formal informational report).

Business reporting in Leads Generation

A good general format for a formal business report includes the following: ... An executive summary; an introduction section explaining the background of the report and any special methodology used. The main body of the report, with appropriate subheadings. A section with conclusions and recommendations.

What Are the Typical Components of a Business Report?

  1. Title Page. ...

  2. Abstract or Executive Summary. ...

  3. Table of Contents. ...

  4. List of Figures, Tables, Abbreviations or Symbols. ...

  5. Introduction. ...

  6. Body. ...

  7. Conclusions and Recommendations. ...

  8. Endnotes or Explanatory Notes.

Qualities or Characteristics of Good or Essential report

  1. Suitable Title. A suitable title has to be provided to each report according to the nature of contents. ...

  2. Simple., if complex jargons are used, give meaning as footnote, Active Voice, use of correct Grammer

  3. Promptness. ...

  4. Comparability. ...

  5. Consistency. ...

  6. Precise and Accurate. ...

  7. Relevant Information. ...

Presented to Required Person or Group or Department.

Broad Reports

1. Business Writing

2. Academic Writing

3. Proposals, Project presentations

4. Technical writing

5. Casual Writing

6. Creative Writing

What Are The Types of Business Reports?

Informational Reports. You ask for this report when you want objective information on something. ...

Analytical Report. This type of business report is usually required when a company is trying to make an important decision. ...

Research Report. ...

Explanatory Report. ...

Progress Report. ..

There are six kinds of business proposals:

1. Formally solicited

2. Informally solicited

2. Unsolicited

3. Continuation

4. Renewal

5. Supplemental

The first three have everything to do with how you find your potential client and whether or not they're looking for proposals when you contact them. You'll need to adjust the context of your proposal to match their timeline.

The other three types of business proposals take place based on an existing relationship. If you need to continue work beyond the scope of the original proposal, renew a contract, or do additional work outside the nature of your current agreement, you may need to write a new business proposal to formalize that process.


Utkarsha associates are looking for a digital marketer consulting firm to handle their DM business. They are into imitation jewellery and shrungara items for film stars, theatre Television serials mythological and family drama serials. Their Brand “Roshni” is very popular with the young crowd. They have also ventured into male fashion accessories. They also supply dress material and shrungara items for temples and festivals. The business is worth several crores and they supply directly to small shops or made to order online. This project is very big and has multiple sub budgets on different platforms to be used. There is a separate Division of Utkarsha Associates who makes print and other media advertisement copies. They have recently roped in Superstar “Kicchha Sudeep” as their brand ambassador. UA can use his exclusive pics in all the advertisement forums. UA has got exclusive right for song “Jungle mein Single Sher” from Movie “Ranna”.

You work for Amisha Private Limited, Digital marketing Division. By getting this project, you can direct the advertising team of APL. You need to prepare your company’s profile for getting this project. If you get selected, you can employ a battery of Digital marketers to work on this assignment. The contract is for 5 years.

1. You need to make a company profile

2. Draft proposal copy for UA project

3. If you have to provide a sample of Digital Marketing – what will be your poster/video

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