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LG24 Landing Page Science

LG24 JSS DM305 Lead Generation-BL03M00-Day24-20Jan21

DM305 Lead Generation

AGENDA BL03M00 Landing Page

1. LG on Landing Page

2. Science behind Landing Page Design,

2 (A) Dynamics of LP- where should be what?

3. Content on Landing Page

4. Creating effective Landing Page

5. Analysis of Landing Pages - Assignment

Landing pages images/content to either enhance readers’ experience on the page, or distract them from the task at hand. The LP should work on value proposition.

What is the difference between a landing page and a website?

Focus is why landing pages are so effective for marketing. As opposed to homepages and websites, which are designed for exploration, landing pages are customized to a specific campaign or offer and guide visitors towards a single call to action.

Importance of Landing Page

  1. What kind of business are you creating the page for? Is it a B2B company offering raw materials or a service? Is it a B2C company?

  2. What is the business selling?

  3. What does the UVP have to do with what the brand is selling? (UVP= Unique Value Proposition)

  4. Is this a physical product? If so, what would be the most important part of the product to showcase in the hero image? People need to know what they’re getting or they won’t provide their lead information.

  5. How the products are sold?

  6. Does the sales team follow up? In 24 hours? Within the hour? Make sure to communicate this clearly to your viewers. Clarity is key.

The Websites who have testimonials on landing pages will increase conversions.

  1. 70% of consumers will check out product reviews or ratings before making a purchase.

  2. 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site that has product ratings and reviews.

Power of headlines

“50 Million American’s Can’t be wrong” or “Join the 10,000 people who are using our product”. create social proof by offering free trials and gifts.

The Eye Chart

Components of a Landing Page

  1. A unique selling proposition (USP)

  2. A hero image or video.

  3. The benefits of your offering.

  4. Some form of social proof.

  5. A single conversion goal (or your call to action)

9 Tips for Writing Compelling Landing Page Content

  1. Know Exactly Who You're Talking To. ...

  2. Put the Most Important Information First. ...

  3. Describe Features as Benefits. ...When writing sales copy, you should describe the features of a product or service by describing their benefits.\

    1. Features are an element of a product or service.

    2. Benefits are how that feature helps the user

  4. Speak Directly to the Reader. ...

  5. Use the Words Your Target Audience Uses. ...

  6. Format Text So It's Easy to Skim. ...

  7. Utilize White Space, Graphics, and Images. ...

  8. Avoid Passive Voice.


M/s Attention Seekers Pvt Ltd. Company product deals with mainly Floor Cleaning Solutions - Multipurpose, specific purpose, Deep cleaning/ Industrial Grade cleaning/ domestic cleaning/ kitchen utensils and toilets. The products are mainly B2C, also they are available to purchase in Flipkart as exclusive brand. discuss in brief how your landing page layout will be when the user clicks the link in Flipkart to know about your product range?

Teacher's Note -

Students are encouraged to go through the various websites related to the industry of any specific product and analyze the CTA. to specific answer to above query is about company, product, range, advantages of usage, USPs, Pride statements (like make in india,make of Mysore, made of natural products), why they should only buy from this product..

Students Response

  1. They should link the url which direct to the page about the product and company

  2. The landing page will be designed in such a manner so that viewers get an idea about the brand and its products offering. Also will be highlighting and deacribing the benefits of each products. Navigations in the landing page will be made so that customers need not search more to find the specific product. Prices will be mentioned with a CTA button .

  3. The landing page should contain details of product along with its photos and price tag. Also mention the products that are in high demand and fast moving to help customer buy that product.

  4. I will add the complete information about the company and the brands. And product categories with which we deal, suitable offers and discounts, and comparitive pricing with other ecommerce platforms and highlighting them, and differnt mode of payment we provide in very short, and small advertisements videos related to our products.

  5. Description about each product and the offer we provide for the product

  6. Proper information, images of products which are available, since there are many products category will help the users.

  7. Landing page layout should be designed with simple and attractive manner it should be of include the information of contact reviews price rating images quality offers categories payment options

  8. The landing page in flipkart when someone clicks on the link will be able to see wides range of products offered by this particular company and there will also be CTA buttons available for immediate actions

  9. Will use attractive headline and present our products in effective way to compel visitors to click CTA button. We can leave a short video of product and can mention the link button below which takes visitors to Flipkart like "open in Flipkart". Should describe what is the benefit that people get by claiming the offer. Use a banner and place your offer in center of it in big size to convey your objectives in better way

  10. First the images of products and the different quantity of products available and what are the uses of it with customer review and feedback and it should be easy to navigate and should have strong CTA button

what according to you is the most important component of the Landing Page?

Teacher's Note:

Specific is the CTA and content related to queries in CTA.

Students Response

  1. Information about product and what all the product and service they provide and what they are and also how can customer reach the company

  2. Call to action button, navigations, Content , creativity

  3. CTA buttons

  4. Headlines and unique selling preposition

  5. Information about product and feedback

  6. Content, Navigation, bounce rate, backlinks, social media linking, good UX and UI

  7. The benefits we offer , call to action button , company’s logo

  8. Logo, info and images of products

  9. Consistency

  10. Its should contain the content that was promised in the description. It should have CTA buttons and the landing page should not be overloaded with information

  11. Mainly a headline and supportive content. Social proof and Call to action button. A link to landing page should be relevant

  12. Call to action button

  13. Headline is one of the first things visitors will see when they land on your page

  14. The most important element on a landing page is the CTA because that's what a user must click to redeem your offer. The size, color, and positioning of the button, plus how many CTAs to include all play a part so your it must be attention-grabbing.

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