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07 Web Analytics : Case Study Outcomes Analysis and experience analysis.

JSS -DM303 : Web Analytics-BL01M03-Day07-21Oct20

Class notes and Case Study Review

Outcome Analysis

Internal Feedback, review of existing website and perceived outcomes.

Review of product lines and multi brand websites/spinoffs

Case Study for Class Discussion

Parashurama Medical Equipment's (PME) have a product line of medical supplies and dental machines/instruments. the product folio goes in a multiple products. Roshan who is the product manager of Dental system (PMDS) comes up you, the Digital Marketing Manager, and tells that his product line is not given much prominence in the website. Hence the sale is less. the main website page does not contain his product line. He has got a separate budget for DM. Give few suggestions to make PMDS a successful brand and improve online Sales

Students Response

  1. Roshan should insist that his products are made visible on the home page of the website. He should have a call to action placed where it lands them to a page with only PDMS

  2. He should start doing campaigns and he should do paid ads for digital marketing platforms. Use keyword research as his tool to create awareness about his brand. He should upload it on the main website and make it look attractive, he should do display ads to gain attention and increase the sales.

  3. Make use of quality product image and customized email or messages

  4. "Update website Add curated content and attractive as well Use high volume keywords so that it could reach many

  5. Design an attractive website, contents should be easy to understand, use chatbots

  6. Mention price of equipment. Include demo videos on the website "

  7. By making this separate page in their main website

  8. Create a separate website for PMDS and link it with the main website. The website should be designed in such a way that it should be attractive, contain ordering software, tracking order id, complaint registration portal attached to the website.

  9. By making paid promotion improving in advertisements designing creating awareness of product

  10. Will make a the website better which will include all the product line of dental system within the budget. Will do an email campaign and send messages to potential customers to let them know about the product and the website.

  11. Improvisation.

  12. Brand recognition, make website user friendly, fill the website with offer tags

  13. Suggest them to hire a good digital marketer and tell them to provide details about the products what they sale that will attract the buyers to purchase the items what they need in PMDS.

  14. By Sending Free Samples to Influencers, Start Blogging, Build an Email List and Improving ads."

  15. "Build a strong social media page with engaging customer by educating them with the medications (protein drink or abt the immunity booster)

  16. And put all the products in his page and make a video of the benefits and effect of medication

  17. Take advantage of the covid situation and advertise on social media with targeting the right audience"

  18. Search Engine Optimized Blogs & Websites

  19. "If I was a digital Marketing manager

  20. I would have suggest to engage customer through digital firm,

  21. And update the product time to time

  22. When a customer visit website he must gain all the necessary things that the customer required."

  23. To create more attractive webpages for dental system and daily updation

  24. Improve ads and Update website

  25. Improve ads and start websites

  26. "Set Your Prices Right ,SEO research, Use branded packaging, Take advantage of Social Media"

  27. We can open a website and increase traffic of the site by promoting in social media advertising posters etc

Teachers Note:

The organization should take a decision to manage a separate website for Dental equipment and spin off the business as a separate vertical. The Customer base and users are exclusive to both business and Main equipment business viz the medical will cannibalize the Dental equipment ones due to the sales volume. to ensure better visibility and business viability the Digital Marketing Manager should consider setting up a separate website and business model

Lakshminarasimman V Rao | Digital Marketing| Web Analytics| Corporate Neeti Consulting | Mysuru

All data above is a combination of data from Internet, purpose of this doc is for research and education only and responses received from Class students and interaction.

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