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04 Lead Generation - CRM

JSS -DM305 Lead Generation-BL01M02-Day04-16Oct20

Module 2: CRM Integration, Sales Integration, Product Integration

Module 2: CRM Integration, Sales Integration, Product Integration

1. CRM as the important aspect in Business

2. Lead Generation in CRM and relevance in Business Analytics

3. Online CRM / Cloud Based CRM - CRM on the Go

What is CRM

refers to all strategies, techniques, tools, and technologies used by enterprises for developing, retaining and acquiring customers. a CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them.

Why is CRM so important?

CRM helps businesses build a relationship with their customers that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. Since customer loyalty and revenue are both qualities that affect a company's revenue, CRM is a management strategy that results in increased profits for a business

What does a CRM system do?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage customer data. It supports sales management, delivers actionable insights, integrates with social media and facilitates team communication. Cloud-based CRM systems offer complete mobility and access to an ecosystem of bespoke apps.A good CRM is a CRM which lets you quickly and easily import data from existing databases. Instead of wasting time copying info from various sources by hand, you should be able to get straight to business and put you CRM to good use right off the bat.

few examples of CRM

Microsoft Dynamic 365, a cloud-based CRM and ERP combining 200 apps. ...

Oracle CRM, a complete CRM that drive sales, marketing and loyalty. ...

Salesforce Sales Cloud, the world's leading web-based CRM.

Who needs CRM?

Implemented properly, a CRM will store and manage your customer and prospect data, tracking your interactions and helping you win more customers by boosting your sales team's ability to close deals, improve your support team's customer service, and automate your marketing.

6-step process that will teach you how to set up a CRM system:

  1. Map your customer journey.

  2. Define your business and sales processes.

  3. Create custom fields, stages, and pipelines.

  4. Migrate your customer information.

  5. Integrate your tools and automate manual processes.

  6. Add users and set permissions.

The components of CRM are:

  1. People Management: Effective use of people in the right place at the right time is called people management. ...

  2. Lead Management: ...

  3. Sales force automation: ...

  4. Customer Service: ...

  5. Marketing: ...

  6. Work flow automation: ...

  7. Business Reporting: ...

  8. Analytics:

Class Discussion Notes

What do you think about the Eureka Forbes Water purifier way of Selling their products.

  1. The way eureka Forbes sells its products is attractive, the way they do demo meets customers expectations.

  2. Personal selling

  3. Attractive. They have got good testimonials. And satisfied customers. need more ads

  4. Personal/Direct Selling

  5. They were the first ones to come up with water purifier, they've a great name. They focus on customer retention and providing service. So I like the way they sell it.

  6. Direct marketing strategy

  7. Traditional marketing

  8. Direct Selling/ Personal Selling

  9. Direct selling

  10. They were more in to digital platform usage rather than conventional Approach

  11. They do direct marketing

  12. It is one of the best examples of personal selling. They've had highest number of sales by using personal selling as their strategy

  13. Best example of Direct selling to the customer but now they embrace Digital customers

  14. They mainly prefer amazon to sell their product

  15. They set up stalls, exhibitions and give a free demo at our place also

  16. needs More social media marketing

  17. To reach individual people

  18. Great advertisement, brand value, quality, services

  19. Marketing strategies

Case Study : Your Friend Manoj has started a new Gym. he requests you to reach out to your network of friends. he offers free membership to you and 5 more of your friends, if you get 50 memberships. you accept. Discuss initial steps that you would do.

  1. Forward the messages to my friends circle, also will tell them about offers and discount if you join the gym.

  2. Forward information and facilities about gym ,offers they are providing

  3. List facilities available * Create potential candidate list * Analyzing Competitor Strategy

  4. I would promote his business first, then I would tell the offers they can avail. I will motivate them to take the membership so we can be healthy. I will use all the means to get more members by advertising it using keywords in my friend network so they can be attracted to it.

  5. Social media platform , share it in WhatsApp group

  6. Using social media marketing

  7. id call up all my friends and let them know about this new gym. I'd look for my friends who are already working pout in other gyms and persuade them to join our gym.

  8. Ask Manoj about free member ship time period, and ill make out a list of friends who really intrested on it and ill move forward.

  9. Create awareness awareness about the gym and give more details about the gym

  10. Post in social media and also send information in whatsapp

  11. Generating leads by telling the benefits of membership

  12. I would ask my friends who are interested in fitness to come along and join my friends Gym and i would not stop with first 50 but would try to increase the number and ask for commission per entry

  13. no, since manoj and me are friends most of them will be our mutual friends so i alone cant reach 50 members to join the gym.

  14. I reach the friends who have intrest in fitness and ask them to tell their friends to get more reach whoever brings the more number of people they will get the free membership

  15. Whatsapp advertisements , email marketing and will send brochure to apartments

  16. I support my friend's businesses and tell others also to join

  17. 1. target audience.2. social media marketing. 3.highlighting the benefits.

  18. 1.Yes i accept 2. I give first come first preference

  19. Social media Marketing, campaign, target audience, safety measures taken in gym, posters, banners

  20. Social media strategies, target audience, cleanliness, safety measures, posters, age group,

Lakshminarasimman V Rao | Lead Generation| Education |

Corporate Neeti Consulting | Mysuru

All data above is a combination of data from Internet, purpose of this doc is for research and education only and responses received from Class students and interaction.

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