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08 Lead Generation Case Study

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

JSS -DM305 Lead Generation-BL01M02-Day06-22Oct20 Thurs

Agenda: Module 2: Practical Demo Sales Integration - Collecting customer data/email ids Potential customer data

DBJ Group of companies, Mysuru, started a new product line "Deepajyoti Namostute" of lamps which is based on LED based lighting system with a traditional twist. The products are suitable for lighting solution for both indoors and outdoors and the company is planning to launch in mega drive across the nation for the upcoming Deepavali Festival. The Marketing Manager Feels that the product will be well received by the public and drawn a big budget campaign. You have been entrusted as Digital Marketing Manager for the online success campaign. one of the campaign ideas is to reach out to homemakers who are present in facebook and in "smule". Discuss your plans to launch your online product campaign.

Student Responses

1. We should start to show a display and video ads on Facebook and Smule, to gain the attention of the homemakers. We can keep a contest as whoever uses the DVJ LTD led lights and will decorate the house, the best one will get 100 rupees off on their next order, or will win vouchers from the company and will get a shoutout and they will be featured on their social media accounts.

2. Find out and join groups/ pages related to home makers and housewifes.

Post attractive posted with videos/ pics of the led lights

Try to attract people by giving diwali discounts and offers on bulk orders

3. Home makers always look on how the products makes their life easier. so content should focus on how the product or service benefits housewives. Attract them with suitable discounts and Diwali offers. Feature pictures or footage of a smiling wife. Run the contest their by keeping customer engagement. Post the pictures or videos of LED lights or lamps.

4.They can use the dasara festival as main agenda.

They can reach out wide range of people.

And they can concentrate on interior designers, and decorates and new startup ups who are into this area.

So that they can get leads.

And to make best use of visual ads in peak time.

Like IPL seasons, festival seasons Etc.

5. As Modi did to light the candles here is a great idea where they can come up with lighting their LED lights by tagging them. Using celebrities to post the pictures lighting their lights.

6. It is better to start the campaign just before the diwali or dasara festival . They can start advertising on TV as well to attract the homemakers and make the campaign interesting by giving good discounts and gifts for early customers

7. They need to create attractive video and ads to post in facebook and smule. They have to create video which make there target audience like home maker to attract and likely to buy the product by providing more information and also with clear idea what's the product is.

8. Since they are targeting home makers they can target based on age groups.

9. Make an video ads that will attract the homemaker with a good music and a catchy song that is easy to remember and put ads on cooking grps and target them by using paid ads

10. As it is a festival season we can start a campaign where we first post few pictures of decorated area (like living room, garden area, outdoors, and so on). We post our pictures for few days and later we will ask them to come up with their homes decorated with Deepajyothi Namosthuthe and enter the contest. We can announce that we will gift them hampers. And use the #DeepajyothiNamosthuthe to enter the contest.

11. Start the campaign 1st.

They should post few pictures and videos in order to attract the homemaker.

12. They need to concentrate on online ads and campaign this will help to gain more attention because all people are accessible to internet devices...and since it is festival time it ll be easy to attract homemakers

13. use hashtags like #family #housewives to reach them. Tell about the quality as homemakers purchase products which has good quality and durability. Housewives are more likely to watch TV during those times when their kids attend school and their husbands work. Focus the ad campaign on mommy blogs, work-from-home websites, cooking forums etc.

14. Run a festival lights contest,Start a #hashtag campaign,Show off best lighting work on Instagram,Creating Pinterest boards to show versatility,Introducing lighting promotion on Youtube

15. Use smule as a first social media platform to target the young consumers first by posting short 10 sec advertisement and posters in the smule app. Also offer special deepavali discount scheme only for smule users. If the campaign succeeds replicate the strategy to facebook campaign with additional strategy by creating a separate page of LED lighting system and post short 30sec videos of festival occasions where this LED lighting System can be used and also suggest what color of LED lights will be suitable for which situation. By following the above strategy the online campaign will be big success and also the sales will increase.

16. we can use artist to advertise about the product on smule

17. They are many celebrities, now they are home maker . So we should concentrate about those celebrities and we should let them to advertise on their social media in their own style of or by taking them as a brand ambassador .

Teacher's comments and class discussion

- Good strategy to attract the target customer by providing Value proposition

- key issue is "savings" - give the buyer genuine value and savings

- Give personalised service and attention

- Talk to "defined specific customer"- create a profile

- Talk about happiness of family or group. show happy faces.

- Picture/motion pic is equal to 1000 words

- Campaign timings - Dussera/NFL/IPL start to end. have tailormade solutions in and around the campaign material

- Identify key big personality to associated - chess champion for brain boosters food etc

- Hashtags are very effective way of getting noticed. use liberally.

- Keep a plan, decide the budget and control campaign

- using youtube video and sharing in groups is effecting

Lakshminarasimman V Rao | Lead Generation | Digital Marketing | Corporate Neeti Consulting | Mysuru

All data above is a combination of data from Internet, purpose of this doc is for research and education only and responses received from Class students and interaction.

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