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06 Web Analytics - Outcome Analysis

JSS -DM303 : Web Analytics-BL01M03-Day06-19Oct20

Agenda - Module 3: Outcomes Analysis and experience analysis.

1.Key Metrics Analysis

2.Decision based on Analysis

3.Experience Sharing

4.Risk Assessment

Outcomes analysis is a non-prejudiced analysis of the outcome of an event, episode or encounter. Outcome measures reflect the impact of the service or intervention on the status.

What are the types of outcomes?

The three types of outcomes are

  1. Organizational outcomes,

  2. Team outcomes, and

  3. Personal or Individual outcomes

*Please check MBO (Management by Objectives)* in the footnote of this writeup

Five you should be evaluating.

  1. Schedule. Project management success is often determined by whether or not you kept to the original timeline. ...

  2. Quality. The end of a project phase is a good time for a quality review. ...

  3. Cost. cost estimate and over/under Runs

  4. Stakeholder Satisfaction. ...

  5. Performance to Business Case.

What is a secondary outcome measure?

SECONDARY OUTCOME MEASURE. A planned outcome measure in the protocol that is not as important as the primary outcome measure, but is still of interest in evaluating the effect of an intervention. Most clinical studies have more than one secondary outcome measure.

CASE STUDY: Your employee comes to you with a customer Complaint on the product quality. the product was purchased online and photos are also uploaded. The customer has not used the correct method to operate and hence the product is not working. What are the next steps you will initiated post resolution of the complaint?

We would connect to the customer through a call and we would direct gim the right way to use it

Response from Students

  1. I would add a manual that comes with the product and i will also upload videos that shows a demo of how to use the product on the website

  2. i will provide user manual to all the future products

  3. Il explain the right method of using the product to the customer. Also if the product is damaged , will make sure that the product is fixed under warranty scheme .

  4. Giving correct information about the product and informing the correct operating procedure of the product

  5. I will do follow up review of the product to know whether the customer is using the product in right way or not. If he is not using the product in right way i would again recommend him to go through the demo of product again.

  6. Reply to the photo uploaded to make a correct use of it

  7. Explain the product usage method and sort out the problem

  8. BECAUSE ITS a customer fault that they didn't read the specification how to use it and i could not refund or return for exchange

  9. Will educate the customer about the product and how to operate it.

  10. Should treat a customer like our friend and apologize for their inconvenience, if there is an option for correction of method of operation if so, we can guide the customer through it.

  11. Explain the method and resolve his issue

  12. We will contact the customer and ask for the problem if it's from the customer side we give the instructions regarding the product and if the problem is from our side we will replace it.

  13. Check the reason for not working, initiate to use the menu to operate.

  14. Firstly I'll try to convince them by giving him a demo how to use it. And then I'll tell him in a polite way that it was his mistake but we'll try to fix it.

  15. Explain the customer abt the product and usability in detail and make him understand his mistake

  16. Exchange the product and if customer does not agrees with it then refund of money

  17. Try to solve the issue if possible...if no follow rules as company norms

  18. Creating Working Manual and spreading awareness of the same.

  19. Recheck the product and the guide inside if the customer damage the product in less amount and the customer is potential customer then we will help him.

  20. Replace the product And explain the steps how to use

  21. I would suggest them to use it in a right way according to the steps. We would like to show them a demo video of how to use the product. And we will make sure the demo video is uploaded in the website as well so we don't face the same issue. Though it is customer's fault we would like to give them the best service by giving the product in a half price or replacing a new one with half price. When the reviews are shared by the customer, people who would've seen will be considering our product to be bad. Hence we will render good service and help in all means so we need not go through the defaming again.

  22. Explain the steps how to use the product

  23. Reply to the photo uploaded to make a correct use of it

Footnote on MBO for MBA Students

Management by objectives (MBO) is a strategic management model that aims to improve organizational performance by clearly defining objectives that are agreed to by both management and employees

Advantages of Management by Objectives

Since Management by objectives (MBO) is a result-oriented process and focuses on setting and controlling goals, if encourages managers to do detailed planning. 2. Both the manager and the subordinates know what is expected of them and hence there is no role ambiguity or confusion.

What is the first step in MBO process?

Establishing Goals: The first step in an MBO programme is the establishment of clear and concise goals of performance which are understood and accepted by both superior and subordinate. Initially, the superior determines his objectives and general programm

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