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03 Web Analytics Web Logs Java Scrips, Analysis of Web Logs


JSS -DM303 : Web Analytics-BL01M01-Day03-12Oct20

Module 1: Data Collection, Web logs and Java Script Tags

understanding the requirement of Web Log

Analysis based on Web log/ Data usage

Management decisions on Web Logs

Why to put Java Script Tags

*What are containers, Tags, Triggers, Data, Metadata, Keywords, Crawl - will review in next class

What is a Web log file?

A web server log file is a text file that is auto updated as activity by system and its generated by the web server. Log files collect a variety of data about. information requests to your web server.

What is a Web log post?

A website that displays postings by one or more individuals in chronological order and usually has links to comments on specific postings. intr.v. blogged, blog·ging, blogs. To write entries in, add material to, or maintain a blog.

Find or View Log Files

Log on to the Web server computer as Administrator.

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

Double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Internet Services Manager.

What is a web server access log?

Why Weblog Analysis is Important

Weblogs are required to

  1. keep track of the visits, types of visitors, which pages were visited and what is the flow of the user

  2. Weblogs also help us understand the effectiveness of the website

  3. Users and their requirement

  4. Requirement Analysis

  5. Sensitivity Analysis

Management Decisions based on Weblogs

  1. Marketing decisions on the Focus areas

  2. investment decisions for website and on products

  3. Performance Evaluation

  4. Resource Allocation

  5. Market Analysis

  6. New Products Launch

  7. Product Spin Off

What is JavaScript and why it is used?

JavaScript is a text-based programming language used in Website to make web pages interactive. They provide information to the website builder both from Client side and the user side. Provides an easy to use attachment to website for collecting information

Quiz on Digital Marketing and Answers

1. A term used to define Business that sells to other business not to the end consumer usually the finished goods is raw material to that Business

answer B2B

2. A term used to define Business sells to the end consumer usually consumed by the Customer.

answer B2C

3. This is a chronicle, product or idea sharing or though process or experience sharing in the web can be viewed by intended viewers in web/online.

answer Weblog/Blog

4. The percentage of people who land on a page on your website and then leave without clicking on anything else or navigating to any other pages on your site.

answer : Bounce Rate

5. This is a text form, link, button, image, or web link that encourages a website visitor to visit a landing page and become of lead. Eg “Subscribe Now” or “Download the Whitepaper Today.”

Answer: Call to Action

6. Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware

Answer: Spam

7.This is a type of malicious code or software that looks legitimate but can take control of your computer. It is designed to damage, disrupt, steal, or in general inflict some other harmful action on your data or network

Answer: Trojan

8. This is written for machine level, a code represents text, computer processor instructions, or any other data using a two-symbol system. The two-symbol system used is often "0" and "1"

Answer : Binary

9. These a way for user to interact with unknown others on social media and have conversations about a particular piece of content. They tie public conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram together into a single stream, which users can find by searching for using unique keyword, clicking on one.

Answer: Hashtag

10. It's at the core of every web page, regardless the complexity of a site or number of technologies involved, and provides the basic structure of the site -- which is then enhanced and modified by other technologies like CSS and JavaScript

Answer: HTTP

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