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03 SCM Integrated Logistics Management And Customer Service

AFMI -SCM -BL01M01-Day03-16Oct20

What are the various forms of Customer Service

Strategies - Customer Service policies and Integrated Logistics Management, logistics

Integrated Logistics Management

It is a technique which utilizes various sources and channels to meet the customer demand in time.

Name few objectives of Integrated Logistics Management

  1. Rapid response

  2. Minimum variance

  3. Minimum inventory

  4. Movement support consolidation

  5. Life cycle support

Various forms of Customer Service - billing support - credit terms adjustments - delivery guarantee/ earlier delivery - prompt support/ congenial support - data on product - installation and service support

Name few Advantages of Integrated logistics Management

  1. Improve Customer Service

  2. Visibility and control of orders

  3. Service Reliability

  4. Exception management

  5. proactive response

  6. Cost Savings

  7. Creation of synergies and load optimization

  8. effective utilization of logistical resources

  9. Standardize logistics flow

  10. integration of IT Systems and efficiency

  11. uniform KPI and system integration

List down the order management functions - receive order - enter order- manual/electronic - Verify and check the order for accuracy - check the credit - check inventory availability - process back order - acknowledge order - modify order - suspend order - check pricing and promotion - identify shipping point - generate picking documents - originate shipment - inquire order status - Deliver order - measure service level - measure quality of service - identify taxes to be levied and paid - check insurance FOB details

Review Questions

  1. What according to you is the importance of integrated Logistics Management in Today's Covid Era?

  2. List down the advantages of online Cloud based logistics Management Solution.

Class Discussion Notes

What do you think about the Strategy used by Eureka Forbes for their products - water purifier and vacuum cleaners.


  1. It uses competitive pricing strategy in it's marketing mix to gain market share.Also they include their after sales service cost within the price of product quoted

  2. "They use the push strategy for the increase of sales.I think it motivates the staff to work better indirectly increasing the sales of the company

  3. Pretty good approach according to my knowledge "

  4. Water purifier

  5. Eureka frobe uses a competitive pricing strategy in its marketing

  6. By providing good quality of water customer reviews or experience

  7. The products are in our home we have both the mentioned products above.....the demo and all is good....but for maintenance the company doesnt help they don't care after the delivery of products

  8. Asking customers for a free demo really makes the product more popular in the market

  9. Best one

  10. Seller will be more intrested to advertize the product n sell it

  11. Strategic approach adopted by eureka Forbes to stand strongly in competitive water purifire market

  12. This strategy used to approach has helped the company improve its critical numbers.

  13. Educate customer about the product

  14. It is a multi purpose home cleaner for cleaning floor,wood and carpets in wide range

  15. Door to door selling .

  16. Advertising technologies and marketing strategy

  17. Strategies used by eureka forbs is to stay strong in competitive market of water purifier.

  18. The strategy applied by company to boost there marketing and the quality of their products .

  19. Marketing strategy helps companies achive business goals

  20. Used to push the selling of the products in a great way towards customers

  21. Sales of products at affordable price compare to others

  22. Advertisement

  23. sell there products at affordable price for customers

  24. give insensitives to the agents/sales person helps in motivating them for reaching the target and helps company to get more sales

  25. Affordable price

What Brand you feel has reached out the the remotest corner of the country.


  1. Royal Enfield

  2. India

  3. Pure it

  4. Consumer satisfaction

  5. Adidas,nike, Haldiram.

  6. Aqua purifier

  7. Jio

  8. Coca-Cola

  9. Airtel network

  10. Jio

  11. Upgrade

  12. Nestle

  13. Puma

  14. Britania

  15. Nestle

  16. India

  17. Jio network because it reached every remote place so

  18. Star india

  19. Amul

  20. India

  21. Nestle

  22. Jio, parle

  23. Amazon i think reached out thr every corner of the country beause there service is better day by day to provide each product at every corner of the country .

  24. Jio network

  25. JIO, Adidas, Nestle

  26. Jio

  27. Parle

  28. Lifebuoy

Lakshminarasimman V Rao | SCM | Corporate Neeti Consulting | Mysuru

All data above is a combination of data from Internet, purpose of this doc is for research and education only and responses received from Class students and interaction.

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