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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

JSS -DM305 Lead Generation-BL01M02-Day07-27Oct20 Tue

You are heading the Digital Marketing Team of the Company "Aayush Toys Limited". They have recently introduced Deepavali based toys for upcoming festival as gifting option. The toys are traditional ones used making wood, clay, cloth etc. Another Company " Patted Ltd" which is business of ethenic wear for children has approached your organization of joint promotion of products. while buying a traditional dress, your product will be given as free and the child can choose any of the toy having same pricing. What do you think will be your strategy in promoting the product in the online market? Do you think Aayush and Patted brand should merge as a company to offer better products? You recently created a youtube channel for "Aayush Patted" for uploading video by children wearing the traditional dress and singing and playing with Aayush toys.. How do you think this strategy will be successful?

Students Response

  1. A collaboration between Ayush and Patted would work because both the companies target audience are kids.

  2. Aayush and Patted brand should merge as company to offer better products....and introducing to online platform would be successful

  3. The strategy will be successful. the 2 companies need not necessarily merge, since they could change their strategy after the diwali season is over. uploading videos of children playing with Aayush toys, wearing pattad clothes will be very successful and other social media like facebook & instagram can be used to promote the videos and make them popular. one change i would suggest in the strategy is, we could also reverse the gifting options like, when a very costly toy is purchased, pattad clothes with reasonable price could also be gifted.

  4. Yes, merging with patted brand would be a great idea as both of them produces traditional items. You can make a combo offer online to promote sales .Youtube channel is also a great idea as kids of this generation is more into gaming, Playing with toys and brining back the tradition will have a great success

  5. brand website, be active on social media Witty Copywriting

  6. Yes they should join hands with the patted ltd. Because it would be very beneficial for both the companies to reach out to the large customer in market. And the spending pattern for the new campaign's would be slightly minimized. And since one company is promoting toys and another is clothing. If they join together they can come up with new designs for the traditional toys so that it can make huge difference in both of the company markets.

  7. I think this plan will effect on people well by giving them offers on minimum purchase of clothes

  8. Use an Old and Popular Product in a New Way

  9. Yes they should merge. once we offered toys free, they'll definitely like our products and again they'll repurchase . In the beginning we need recognition. If we merge with them then it'll be helpful for both the brands. some of the children most likely to buy toys so they'll always prefer Patted brand soo that they'll get toys free.

  10. this strategy works really good both Aayush toys and Patted ltd hv to be merged and and attractive videos with cute childrens and upload them in youtube channel make a special video ads to target parents and try to convey the free product available

  11. Yes they both should be merged and start a business together to get more customers and can create awareness easily about both the products.

  12. By creating very attractive and children related videos to attract children

  13. Yes collaboration is always good for the growth of the business. Having a YouTube channel where you post children playing and wearing clothes attracts more number of customer. We should use Sales promotion strategy and must combine psychological pricing as well to attract more customers. You should have plenty of attractive dolls at high price so that people buy more ethnic clothes for their children in order to get the toy as a gift. People in India love anything that is for free. Using this you can ask them to take a membership or be an insider of the company to earn more referral points and loyalty points. We can keep an contest on YouTube asking them post 20 sec videos of kids wearing their traditional clothes in unique way and style and pose with their toys using the hashtags #AayushPattedContest.

  14. This strategy would be successful for Patted ltd as this company would be in dominant position. But for Aayush toys ltd there would be net loss in revenue. If they could merge and sell their respective products then the merging terms and conditions should be in such way that both the companies should have a win-win situation. The youtube channel creation is a wonderful idea. The strategy would be successful if both companies continue their respective businesses separately under one brand name.

  15. I think Aayush and Patted brand should merge it will be success for both

  16. They can provide better offer to children if they merge their brand. Use attractive music, so that it can grab the attention of children. Include stories and cartoon superheros like Chota bheem and Doremon.

  17. Along with strategy they have used they should keep some deadline for buying those products. It might be a loss for "Aayush Toys" company instead giving it for free they would have given offers. Using Youtube really good idea but it would be great if they also have used other social media platforms as well.

  18. Both the company have to merge together for the betterment and provide free shipping with buy clothing and get toys free for your children

  19. As it is a festival season, both are traditional products so that we can promote with advertising, giving discount offers with buy 4 at 1000 so that a customer may attract

  20. Yes both brand should be merge. Both companies will be beneficial, giving offers will increase there sales.

Link for your latest blog writing in your personal website.

If in the "Ayush Patted" product, you need to approach your target customer, how will you go about it?

DARSHAN C N1:03 PM As a digital Marketer i approach the company called Byjus, and Topper to run a small video ads in their video learning. so that children's also feel impressed by new characters in between the classes.

Arpitha Patil1:03 PM Use high volume children related keywords in content. Research and find out your competitors customers. Publish testimonials to get trust built

Varanya Shetty1:04 PM Do social media marketing and also try to do email campaign using the data of the parents given in the previous purchases. And also by providing attractive website which feel like make them purchase.

Amitha T1:05 PM We can use companies or brands like Big Bazar, FAB, Brand factory where we can put up our stalls or banners in their malls where people can get to know about us and can approach us online. We can use promote it on Newspaper by giving few coupons, and few display ads for people who have used myntra, amazon and flipkart apps. Use keyword research to reach the target the potential customers. Use social media marketing and ask influencers to promote our campaign

Aravinda h.a1:12 PM First i would run a public ad digitally on various kids platforms like youtube kids app, voot kids app, etc. Then contact various Montessori schools to offer introductory product of Aayush Pattad for kids who took admission in their respective schools. If there is reasonable response to strategy then expand the strategy to other institutes related to kids NGOs like Makkalakuta, running on field demo of Aayush products on children play ground.

Arpitha Patil1:12 PM Be ready to take jobs, like Respond To Every Email, Tweet, Facebook Comment, And Phone Call. To give good customer service. Because in digital marketing if you satisfy 6 customers they can promote your product to 600 other customers.

Kiran Kumar

1.I would like to promote the product through online in an social media network like Instagram page ,fb etc because it is the most easiest way to reach to the customers in order promote our product

2.In my opinion merging is better as there are many advantages in this. Some of them are if anyone of the company has incurred loss they will receive their investment so no loss will be faced. The other thing is if they are merged both companies will have same selling place so the purchase of separate place for the other company is not required. And people are more attracted to combo offers so the sales are also increased and in the same way profits are experienced! My approach to the target customers i will promote the toys through online and also by approaching schools and conducting them games so that it will reach to the maximum number of customers! 3.According to me uploading a video in YouTube channel won't be successful instead we can promote our product in the form of adds or a kind of short video which is a best option for me 4. In order to reach the target customers by providing them with the best deals such as 1+1 offer and by providing 10%to 20% of discount in order to get more and more sales for "Ayush Pattad" product

Lakshminarasimman V Rao | Digital Marketing MBA | Merger | Co Promotion | Corporate Neeti Consulting | Mysuru

All data above is a combination of data from Internet, purpose of this doc is for research and education only and responses received from Class students and interaction.

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Excellent Himabindu. Very well analysed


Himabindu Vedukala
Himabindu Vedukala
Oct 28, 2020

1) I choose to create a page in instagram and Facebook nowadays most of the parents are creating a page in instagram for their kids to upload their photos so by this I can promote through online.And also free give aways these days have become a trend and I guess this will greatly reach to the people out there!

2) According to me merging both the companies is good because toys attract more children and clothes attract parents.And getting a toy grab machine is better for better selling for example if we offer a free chance to play with that toy grab machine if they win they take a toy if they loose they will be getting offer while purchasing…

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